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Support the Nottawa-Sherman Firefighters
and get a chance to win a free quilt from The Apple Tree Quilt  Shop!
The Apple Tree Quilt Shop donates a quilt to the N.S.F.A. (Nottawa-Sherman Firefighter's Association) for the N.S.F.A. Auction held in early May at the Weidman Community Building (Weidman Business Association) located at 5918 W. Bridge Street, Weidman, Michigan.
The N.S.F.A. Breakfast, is held during the Weidman Days festival on a weekend close to July 4th.  An Apple Tree Quilt Shop quilt is raffled off during the breakfast which takes place at the Nottawa-Sherman fire station, 6263 W. Weidman Road, Weidman, Michigan.

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Here are some of the quilts
that went home with a lucky winner.

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